Mountain Beer —

Full disclosure: I may or may not be an alcoholic. In the last 20 years of my life the longest I went without drinking was 5 months. During that tribulation I decided that my mood swings and emotions were actually more awful than anything that came about when I was drinking, so I decided full-on sobriety was not for me. I will also say that I only drink on weekends, so basically I’m a binge drinker. Go ahead and judge me, you perfect people. Because you have no faults or weaknesses.

When my son and I hiked the Twin Sisters trail, I put in my backpack a ziplock back full of ice and one can of beer, one can of rootbeer. Half-way up the trail, it started leaking. I felt like an idiot, but I was bound and determined to get this beer to the top. My real reason for climbing to the peak was not beer, it was to spread my deceased cat’s ashes and also to just do something really awesome with my son, but I’m not gonna lie, the beer was a wonderful cherry on top.

I have adopted Coors as my official favorite cheap beer. Yes I’ve reviewed over 1,200 beers and have been a beer snob at times. I’m not a snob, and I despise those that are. However, I also hate the status quo that stumble on like sheep just consuming what society or their idiot friends throw at them. Use your brain, be yourself, like what YOU like. But I do like Coors. I toured the brewery with my dad before I was 21. Coors Light was the first beer I ever drank — in college before an exam.

I have developed this habit. I bring a beer glass with me camping. It’s the ultimate snob move. Who in the hell does this? I do. And remember I hate snobbery. But like I said, it’s a glass. It’s not like I’m bringing a television to the camp site!

I love beer. Especially in Colorado. While it does make me sad that I feel like I need it, I know that I can go without it. But not while camping. I’m hopeless.


Author: Tentdweller

Tents, camping, coffee, nature, beer, John Denver, Coleman lanterns.

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